Leave Application Format For Headache To Principal | Absent Application

Here we covered how we can write leave application due to headache with some examples. So, if you are finding for that application for leave check this out.

leave application due to headache

There are two possibilities to write leave application to the principal of the school due to headache.

  • You are at school and you need to leave from school due to headache pain.
  • And you are already absent in school due to headache and now you need to write leave application for absence.

So here we take two samples of leave application for headache pain. The First one is the leave application due to a headache when you are at school. The Second One is the sample application for absence in school due to headache.


Leave Application Due to Headache Sample 1

This sample is for whenever you are at school and due to the headache problem you need to leave school. In such condition, you need to write leave application to your school principal. Here is the sample format for that,

Mr. Principal

From school (School name)

Attention Mr. (Name of Director)

By this, I am writing to you. To inform you that at this moment, I am suffering from a terrible migraine, which makes it impossible for me to attend school.

Please, I would be very grateful if you would allow me to stay at home, to be able to recover from this pain.

In advance, I am very grateful for this great favor. Thanking You.

Best regards.

(Your name and signature)

Absent Application Due to headache

This type of application is written by students in such condition whenever they are absent in school due to headache. headache leave of absence application is written to the principle of school for explaining about the absence. This application ensures your school that you are absent for some days due to a valid reason.

Date- 5 March 2019


The Principal,

Vishvavidhyalaya Higher Secondary School,

Navrangpura, Ahmedabad.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am Vikash Jha, a student of class 9th B of your school would like to inform you that I was absent from the last two days. The reason behind my absence in class is that I am suffering from a headache for the last two days. Due to the headache, I felt unable to attend my class.

Hence, I request you to permit me leave for those days and allow me to sit in the class. I would be highly obliged and thankful to you.

Yours faithfully,

Vikash Jha,

Roll no. – 25

Parents Signature –

Things to Be Consider For Headache Leave Application

when you are not well health condition due to headache, you have to inform your higher authorities that you need to take rest from your work. In such condition, sometimes you need to write leave application to your principal or headmaster.

You have to inform your higher authorities by the application that your health condition is not well and you are not in that condition to attend any more classes. You can write this type of application in your own words but sometimes you need some guidance regarding application writing. so this article definitely helps you.

In the Upper part, we talked about you need to leave whenever you are at work or school due to headache. But leave of absence application is also written due to headache. Application for absent in school due to headache is generally written by students to take attendance for their missing days or to informing why they are absent in school. A sample for this type of application you find above.

Hope you find your needy sample leave application. If you want some other you can also check this also –

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