Application Of Leave In College For Personal Reason

College students often require application of leave in college for personal reason. In college life, there are lots of students who need to leave college for certain days due to various reasons. It can be leave due to urgent work or some other work that can not disclose to college faculty. In that case, a College student needs to write a leave application due to personal reasons.

writing application of leave in college for personal reason

Application in college is generally submitted to class faculty or to the head of the department. Here we go through numerous samples for writing applications of leave in college to the Hod or to the faculty. You can refer below samples to get an idea about writing an application letter.

sample application of leave in college due to personal reason

Here I provided a sample application for leave in college due to personal reasons.


The HOD,

SVMV Engineering College,


Respected Sir/ Madam,

I am Vishvas Sharma, student of semester 3rd Electrical engineering department, would like to inform you that due to personal work I need leave from date 21st January (starting date) to 27th January (end-date).

Kindly grant me leave for the requested days. I will be very thankful for your kindness. 

Thank you.

Vishvas Sharma

EL SEM – 3

Enrollment no. – 78867223

This leave application is for all those college students who want to leave college due to illness/ due to some personal reasons/ due to medical reasons/ Going home / early leave. The format can be changed according to the situation of writing this application you can refer to the basic format of this application. 


Hope you would get help from this article. You can choose the best format according to your situation you can refer to this basic format for any type of leave application you are writing to your college. This application can be to HOD or to the Faculty of your college. This is just a sample to get you to understand how you can approach the leave to your college faculty or to your HOD.

Again thanks for visiting this article and giving us the opportunity to provide you with the best regarding how you can write an application for leave in college for personal reasons. Thanks again you can find the related leave application also please check it out if that is helpful to you.

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