How to write Acknowledgement Letter ( With Sample )

Here we will going to see how we can write acknowledgement letter and samples related t

How to Write Acknowledgement Letter?

An acknowledgement letter is a kind of a thank you letter that makes the relationship with the reader stronger. It is more alert sent by one person to another confirming and thanking the person for their time and effort. The writer should confirm the letter has been received, and it will be taken seriously. Usually, the acknowledgement letter is sent immediately after receiving the resume.

acknowledgement letter

An acknowledgement signifies something long term like the support given during a particular time and these letters are usually unexpected. It’s a kind of a professional courtesy confirming the receipt of the previously sent letter or report etc. It shows the writers promptness and kindness.

The important aspect of an acknowledgement letter is to let the reader know that the report or the items has been received. It is a good tool to maintain the relationship with the person you are dealing with. A well-written acknowledgement gives the reader an assurance that you value the association with the rear and would like to continue the relationship. It should be sincere and polite and of courteous tone. It is a formal letter so it should be kept short and concise.

The acknowledgement letter is very important in job search for the candidate as it informs the candidate if he or she has been considered for the position. It is also a confirmation if the candidate stands a chance to give the interview or should look for other opportunities. It clearly mentions the date, time and venue of the interview so that the candidate can prepare for the interview or else if no position is available the candidate can continue with the job search or wait for further vacancies in the same company.

Sample Acknowledgement Letter

Summary: The Acknowledgement of Resignation Letter is done to inform the person who renders the resignation that the company already receives the letter of resignation. Also the letter confirms that the entire things that need to be surrendered are on the possession of the company.

1 October 2010

Carmen M. Orr

2708 Cabell Avenue

Alexandria, VA 22304

Dear Carmen,


We confirm that we already received your letter of resignation which is effective on 2 November 2010. We read that you accepted a new post at Milk and Coffee Company next month and we are happy for it. We also want to inform you that we already receive the entire keys to your locker.

Please ensure that you are able to settle your dues account as you have provided your resignation letter in good time and you have submitted the notice as well. Make sure to do this before you leave the company to avoid problems. There will also be a letter of referral that will be issued to you. You are absolutely a hard working and good employee to our company. Hope that the learning that you acquire in our company will be able to apply in your future endeavor. We wish you success in you new post.

Yours Truly,

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