Sample Leave Application For Brother Marriage to principle, Boss, School Teacher

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If you are finding for the sample leave application for brother marriage then this page is for you. If you are a student then here you will find leave application for brother marriage to the principal or school teacher. If you are an employee in any job or work then here you will also find leave application for brother marriage function to the boss or hr.

Leave application for Brother Marriage Format

Here is the format for application of leave for brother’s marriage. You can use this format by adding some extra words in the format.


the Principle/ Manager/sir,

XYZ School/ company,

Ahmedabad, India (—– Place—- ).

Respected Sir/ Madam,

This is to inform you that my brother’s marriage is scheduled to take place at the end of this month. For that reason, I need to leave from school/office for a week between 21st January to 26 January.

I will join my school/ work after the 26 of January. Therefore, kindly note that down and grant me leave for this reason.

Your Sincerely,

Name –

(For school)Roll no-

Contact no. –

Date –

Leave application for brother marriage to principal of school

if you are a student and you want a few days to leave from the school, In that situation, you need to submit leave application to the principle of your school. In some manner, you need to submit a leave application to your school teacher. Therefore you can use the same for that also.

Sometimes you need to take leave due to the brother’s Wedding Ceremony. Therefore you can use below leave application sample for getting leave from the principle of the school.


The principle,

Sayona International,

Gurgaon, India

Subject – leave application for brother’s marriage

Respected sir,

I am Siddharth Shah (Student of Class 8 – B) writing this application to let you know that I cannot attend my class between the 10 March to 16 March due to my brother wedding function. For that reason, I need to leave school for a week.

Kindly accept my application and grant me leave. I will be thankful to you for this favor.

Your Sincerely,

Siddharth Shah

Standard – 9th B

Roll No – 45

Date – 6/3/2019

Parents signature ( optional ) –

Leave Application for Brother Marriage to Boss

if you are an employee at any company and you need to leave office then you need to provide leave application with valid reason. Here we will see the leave application for brother marriage to your boss example.

In this example, Manoj Sharma writes leave application to his boss for leave from the company. Here he explained the valid reason and provide dates for leave. he also provided contact no. also in leave application.


Respected Mr. Saikh,

With due to respect, I let you know that my brother marriage is held on the next week. Therefore, I need to leave the office/company for 3 days between 19 June to 21 June. Kindly note that down and grant me leave for this.

Waiting for your approval mail. Thank you.

With regards,

Manoj Sharma.

Contact no – 98613*****

Leave Application For Cousin Brother Marriage

If you are finding the application of leave for cousin brother marriage then here is the sample of this type of leave application. here you can see a student of class 8 writes an application for leave for attending cousin brother ceremony. You can also write this type of application for your own use.



The principle,

Subject – Leave for attending cousin brother marriage ceremony

Respected Sir,

I am Deepal Parekh,(Student of class 8 A) want to inform you that my cousin brother marriage will be held on the next Monday. For that reason, I need to go abroad to the city. Therefore, I requested you to give me leave from school for 2 days.

Your approval on this application is requested. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Deepal Parekh

Class – 8 A

Roll No – 62

Date – 23 feb 2019

Parents Signature ( OPTIONAL)

Sample Brother Marriage Leave Application

here is the sample brother marriage leave application. Write your own leave letter by getting an idea from this letter.


The Principle/HOD/BOSS,

Respected sir,

This leave application I writing to let you know that my brother wedding ceremony will be held on the next Friday. For attending a wedding ceremony, I need to leave from the school/college/office on that day. Therefore, note that down and grant me leave for that day.

Thank you.

Name –

Contact No –

Leave request mail for attending brother’s marriage ceremony

leave application for brother marriage

In some companies, you have to mail your higher authorities for leave in advance through the mail. This is the same as the leave application. You just have to inform that you will not be present on the day by explaining the reason. here is the sample for that.

Respected sir,

I am Ronak Prajapati writing this mail to let you know that I can not be present on the next Thursday and Friday, due to the marriage ceremony of my brother. It is necessary to take leave for that. Therefore, Grant me leave for those days.

Waiting for your kind approval. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Ronk Prajapati

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