Leave Application For School Student For Going outstation/village

If you are finding the leave application for school student for going outstation then this is the best place for you to explore various types of application letters. Here we also covered school leave application for going to the village. So, stay tuned and find the best related as per your requirements.


Leave application for school student for going outstation

here we provided a sample for this type of leave application. But before going to see the sample let get some idea about how we can write this type of leave application?

Writing leave application is not complicated work. You can own leave application in your language with your own words. Here we have to write leave application for school student for going to outstation, Right!!. Therefore, first, know to whom you are going to write leave application.

Describe the reason behind the taking leave from the school. Make sure write an application of leave in normal size. Avoid writing unnecessary paragraphs. So, here is the sample for this type of leave application. If you are a student then follow format 1 otherwise format 2. Format 2 is the application of leave written by parents for going outstation.

Sample Format 1 ( Written by Student )

To,                                                                                                        Date:
The Principal, JNVS International School, California.

Sub – Require Leave

I, Sammy Baldr, a student of Class IX – B, Roll No: 42, humbly wish to state that, due to the sad demise of my grandmother we have to go to our home town for her funeral rituals. As the family is in a state of sadness, they understand that my exams are ahead, and hence, I will attend the basic rituals, and come back within a few days.

To be exact sir/madam, I want three days holiday for the same. Hence, kindly grant me the leave, for which I shall be very grateful to you.
Thanking you.
With regards,
Sammy Baldr

Sample Format 2 ( Written by parents )

This format is used as school leave application for going to village by parents/ Application for going to nani home.

Dear Principle,

I am Kim Richard, mother of Carly, humbly want to state you for the coming next week, we are wishing to plan a tour for going outstation. For that reason, I requested you to grant leave for my daughter Carly for one week.

I ensure that after the leave, she will be regular in class as it was. I shall be very grateful to you.

My Daughter Info – Carly Richard, Class VI – A, Roll No – 25

Thanking You,


Kim Richard.

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School Leave Application for Going to Village

Here is the leave application for school for going to the village. Some students ask questions related to this in brainly.in. It can be written in a very straight forward way and student have to ask for the leave to the principal or school teacher. A sample for this type of application letter for going to the village is given below:

ToThe Class teacher/ principle,

Vishwakarma higher secondary school,

Usmanpura, Ahmedabad.

Sub – Require leave for 1 week

Respected Sir,

Most humbly I beg to say that I am Vaishali Patel, Student of class IX of your school.
I want to say that my brother’s marriage ceremony is going to be held in our village on 25 Sept 2018. I also want to join marriage in the village and want to help in a ceremony.

It is requested to grant me leave for 1 week. It’ll grateful for me.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Vaishali Patel

Class – IX B

Roll no – 12

Some Questions Asked

This section is especially for who asked for some of their questions or problems in this post. We cover all those topics in this section:

How to write leave application to principal for three days for going outstation?

We have given this type of sample application in the above section. Kindly refer to that and change the time for your leave. In the above, the sample application is given for a week just change it to three days, That’s it!!! Thank you.

Leave application sample for going out of the city by parents

This is just easy!!. Copy the leave application format 2 given above which is the sample application of leave written by parents to the principal. for the reason for your leave, you can also change the subject like going out of the city instead of going outstation. This will be the same. Thank You!

Hope you can find all related leave application for going outstation or village. If you want any other leave application let us know by comment or else check some other also –

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