Leave Application For Sister Marriage | For School, College, Office

Generally, Leave application is used whenever you want to leave from the office or school. Here we are going to see the leave application letter or email for the sister marriage.

Here first we saw how to write leave application for sister marriage and then we will also see some of the samples related to this. So you can get a better idea about it.


Sample Leave Application For Sister Marriage To Principal

For the leave from the school, we need to submit a leave application. Therefore for the leave due to the sister marriage, you can write leave application as below sample. Leave application sample is given below which gives you an idea about how to write leave application for sister marriage to principal.


The principal,

Navrang high school,

Delhi, India

Subject – Leave application for sister’s Marriage

Respected sir,

It is humbly stated that the wedding ceremony of my sister is going to be held on this next Saturday. Being the only brother, I need to take care of arrangement in ceremony function. Therefore, I need a few day leave from the school.

Your kind approval on this application is requested.

Yours sincerely,

Akash Parekh.

Leave application for cousin sister marriage for school

In some cases, we need to take leave from the school due to the marriage function of cousin sister marriage. We need to submit an application for that to explain why we need to leave from school. Therefore, here is the sample of leave application for cousin sister marriage for school.


The  headmaster/class teacher,

Vijaynagar Higher secondary school,



Respected Sir/Madam,

With due to respect, I want to inform you that my cousin sister’s marriage will going to happen in next week. For that reason, I need leave from school for 3 days. Therefore, kindly accept my application and grant me leave on that.

Leave required for 21st January to 23rd January. Your kind approval on this application is requested. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,


Class – 9 B

Roll NO – 52

DATE – 18 January 2019

Parents Signature (OPTIONAL)

If you want some other check out this page also. Where you will find all application of leave for school

leave application for sister marriage for college

For writing leave application for college, first, know where you have to submit leave application. If you will give your leave application to the Head of Department ( HOD’s) then write a letter to HOD. If you write a letter to the director then add Director/principal in a letter.


The Head of Department,

Electrical Engineering,

Indus University,

Kolkata, India.

SUBJECT – Require leave for 3 Days

Respected Sir,

With due to respect, Let you know that my sister wedding ceremony is going to happen in next week. For that reason, I need 3 days to leave from college. This is necessary and I ensure you that after the leave I will be regular in college.

Kindly accept my leave application and grant me leave on this.

Yours Sincerely,

Manish Agarwal.

Enrollment No. –IU16402563

Sample leave application for sister marriage for office/company

While writing the leave application to your office higher authorities, add the name of the person who handles the office main work. Describe the reason for leave as you need leave for sister marriage. And try to deliver leave in a polite way.

Here is the sample.


The (recipient name),

Midland Infosys ( company name).

Subject – Leave for two days

Respected Mr./Mrs (Name)

I am writing this to let you know that I want leave for two days from 15th Feb due to the marriage of my sister. Hopefully, you will grant me a leave for sister marriage.


Ankur Pathak.

How to write leave application for sister marriage?

leave application for sister marriage

Writing a leave application letter is almost the Same in all manner. You will get an idea from the samples given below.

First, write To the name from whose you want to leave. After that If you write an application to your boss then you can write a Respected boss/sir/madam and then start a letter.

You can add the subject title also in the application.

Describe the reason that you want to leave because your sister’s marriage is coming and want to attend marriage function.

Also, describe the duration of leave, you required.


Leave application is required for getting leave from the office. If you are going to attend sister marriage then you have to tell the reason to your higher authorities, why you want to leave the office or school.

I hope you find all your required leave application format for attending the wedding of your sister. If you need any other leave application you can tell us by comment below. All the different types of leave application for a sister’s marriage is given above.

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