Leave Application for Urgent Piece of Work From Job, School, Office

In some case, you need to leave your office or job due to the sudden issue created. Here we will see how we can write leave application for urgent work. Here you can also find the formate and sample of application which helps you to write better leave application for urgent work.


How to write urgent leave application


While writing the urgent leave application then try to apologize for urgent work and not able to perform the task. If you don’t want to describe the work then simply you can write that due to personal reason or work, you can’t able to stay for work.

In some situation, you need one day or half day leave from the work then describe the time you required to leave in the application. If you ensure your hr or higher authorities that after the leave, you will do rest of work then that creates also a good point for leave application.

Sample Leave Application for urgent piece of work from the office

Here we give a sample of leave application when you have urgent leave from office. In application, if you can mention your urgent work or simply you can say you want to leave for a personal reason.


Techlink info,

Sabarmati road, Ahmedabad

Respected sir/ madam.

This is to inform you that I have an urgent piece of work at home. I recently found that my daughter has a high fever and I need to take her to the hospital. That is urgent and I need to leave the office for a day or half day. Hope you understand and grant me leave on for this.

Your respectfully,

Anjali dave.

Application for urgent piece from school

If you are a student and you want leave from school for some urgent piece of work then you need to submit an application regarding this issue. You can mention the issue happens with you in the application. Try to add the duration of leave you want in leave application.


The principle,

San Bosco English School,

Delhi, India

Respected principle/sir,

I need to write this application for informing you that I am Manmeet ( Student of std 8-D) needs a leave from school due to illness. From today morning, I am not feeling well in class and now I can’t handle this anymore.

I kindly request you to grant me leave from the school.

Yours sincerely,

Name – Manmeet jain

Standard -8th D

Roll no – 12

Date – 6 March 2019

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Application for urgent piece of work for employee

If you are the employee at any company and you want to leave from the office or job due to some urgent work then you can submit this type of leave application to your higher authorities. You can mention your work in your application if you wish.

Here is the sample for leave application for an urgent piece of work from the office.

Jordan Motorcorp,

Sahibag, Mumbai.

Respected sir,

I humbly stated to you that I have an urgent piece of work at home. For that reason, I need leave for a few hours. I ensure you that within some few hours I will be back to my work.

Kindly understand and grant me leave for this.

Yours respectfully,

Marian lee

Application for One day leave for urgent work from the office

The managing director,

Macron Telecommunications company,


Subject – One day leave due to urgent work

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that I have some urgent piece of work at my work. Therefore, I am not able to be present at the office for today. Kindly note that and grant me leave for this reason. I ensure you that I will done my rest of work tomorrow.

In case of emergency contact me to my phone number. Thank you


Ustad khan

Half day leave application for urgent work from office

Half day leave letters are very famous and you can find a large number of half day leave letters in any institutions. The reason because many people make use of this half day leave to complete their small and important works. Also writing a half day leave letter is very easy as you need to just specify the reason with a date. Mostly the date would be the day of giving the leave letter. Check out the sample letter below.

SubjectHalf day leave from office

Dear Mr/Mrs,

I am writing this letter to let you inform that I need a half day leave from office for some urgent situation created. Recently i was known that my son is at home alone and I need to take him to the hospital due to illness. Because of that reason, I need a half day leave from the office.

Hopefully, you will understand and grant me a leave for this.

your name.

Half day Leave from school

Martin Maldonado

2335 Reeves Street
Appleton, WI 54913

18th June 2008



Headingly High School.

Dear sir,

I am Maldonado, studying in grade X in your school. I am writing this letter to inform you that I am in need of a half day leave to attend a valedictory function, where I am going to get my first prize for my science project.

I kindly request to grant me half day leave today and make this leave informed.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Martin Maldonado.

One day leave application for personal work

In some situation, if you don’t want to mention your work for leave then you can also write the reason that you want a leave for personal work. Almost all remain same in application letter. Here is the sample of one day leave application for personal work. In some case you can just mail this application to your higher authorities.

Leave Application

Subject – One day Leave from the office

I am writing this email to inform you that I need a one day leave from the office due to some personal work. It is necessary for me to take leave for that work. Hopefully, you understand the situation and grant me a leave for this. Thank you.


XYZ name

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Final Words

Urgent work can be anything, whether in your family someone needs to go to the hospital or you need to go to another place for instant work. As per company rules, you have to submit leave application for instant leave from the job or office. In some case whenever you are at school, if you find some urgent message and you need to leave school then you have to submit an application for that.

Hope you find all your needy leave application for urgent work. here we have all the related leave application samples and formats for urgent or personal work. We provided all type of application letter whether it is for school or for job, office. We try to give you the best from us. If you want to add any other leave letter related to urgent personal work then comment below and let us know about that.

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