Sample Leave Application For Pooja At Home

if you are finding leave application for pooja then this is the right place for you. here you will find all these types of application letters with samples. Here we covered leave application for Durga pooja at home, leave application for chhath pooja at home and others also.

leave application for pooja

we also provided a format for leave application for pooja in home which helps you in writing the better leave letter. Check out all and find the best suitable leave application. You can also write your own by modifyingsome fields.


Sample Leave application for pooja

here is the sample leave application for attending pooja at home. You can write your own by following this sample application letter.


The principal,

Vishvavidhyalay higher secondary school,

Baroda, Gujarat

Sub – Leave application for pooja

respected sir,

I am Sarjak Patel, Student of class 8 B, want to let you know that I want leave for 8 September to 10 September for attending pooja at my home. I promise to complete my missing work after leave. Therefore, It is requested to grant me leave on these days. I shall be grateful to you.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

name – Sarjak Patel

Class no- 8 B

Roll no. – 42

parents signature ( optional ) –


Application of leave for Durga pooja

here is the sample leave application for attending durga pooja. You will get an idea after reading this sample about how we can write leave for durga pooja.


the principle,

Sunbright School,

Calcutta, India

Subject – leave application for Durga pooja (puja)

with due respect, It is stated that I am Deepak jadhav, student of standard 9th B, can not able to attend the class for next day [//you can write date also] due to Durga pooja. It is a matter of great importance for us to dip ourselves in this sacred poja and expiate what is wrong in us.

Kindly accept my leave for these days. I shall be thankful to you.

With regards,

Deepak jadhav,

Standard – 9 B

Roll no. – 23

parents signature (optional) –

Date –

half day leave for pooja at home

here is the sample half day leave application for pooja at home. you will find easier to write your own by following this leave application letter.


Managing director,

T&R company,


Subject – half day leave for pooja at home

dear sir,

I would like to inform you that I am Vikash Gupta, a junior lab assistant, need to leave from work for a half day for attending pooja at my home. It is necessary for me to attend the pooja.

kindly accept my leave request and grant me half day leave. I shall be thankful to you.

Yours faithfully,

Vikash Gupta

junior lab assistant,

contact no. – 98465*****

How we can write leave application for pooja by own?

writing leave application is not that much tough as you think. We can write in any format as you want. You can also make your own format for leave application. While writing the leave application, describe the reason for leave as pooja festival and try to be polite during the application letter. Mention the dates, you required to leave.

We all require some leave when the festivals are coming. some have to go to their native place for a celebration of the festival. Puja festival is one of them. We have to request to our higher authorities for leave from job or school or college. puja Festival can be anything it can be Durga puja, Ganesh festival or maybe some other. Here are the examples of leave application for pooja festival which can be used in any case.

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