Write Sick Leave Application For students, Employee, Job, School

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If you are finding leave application for a sick reason then this sample applications are for you, Here we were given sample sick leave application for school and office use.


A sick leave letter is generally written to inform the higher officials present in your office or in schools or in any organizations about your sickness and your inability to work with such health conditions.

We all fall into some sickness or some that much good condition to work or complete our task. So, for the leave to the higher authorities, we have to submit leave application ( Leave letter ) for the inconvenience caused by us.

Here we provide you complete guide related to Leave application. With format, we try to provide some samples also which gives you a better idea on this.

How to write sick Leave application?

leave application for sick

While writing the sick leave application, know your organization leave rules first. If it is necessary to add some medical certificate with that, then attach medical certificate with this leave letter. In the matter of school leave, If it is necessary to take parents signature on leave application then take that.

Simple Sick leave application format


The principle/ma’am/boss,

XYZ school/company

SUBJECT – Sick leave for (_required_) days

I just want to inform you that, (You have to just say about your sickness).

(Give the duration of your leave )

Sincerely/ Yours obediently,





Sample sick leave application for school

ToThe principal/ headmaster,

XYZ school ( write your school name )

SUBJECT – Sick Leave for 2 days

Respected ma’am/ sir,

I beg you to say that due to the sudden illness I will not able to attend class for the next 2 -3 days. I ensure that I will do the rest of my previous work later and try to be regular soon. On the account of my sickness, Kindly grant me leave for these days. Leave required for 20th-22th April 2018.

I will be thankful to you.

Yours obediently,
Roll Number:
Parents’ Signature:

Leave application due to sickness for can’t attend exam

This is the sample of leave application to the principle for not able to attend the exam due to the sickness or high fever. Add your specific sickness in the letter where we provide space. In some case, you are going in some medical operation for a week then just replace your sickness in the application. Otherwise, All are same.

Respected sir,

Sarvajanik Vidhyalaya

I am sarjak Patel (student of the class 8-B) like to inform you that I have been suffering from (jaundice/high fever/sickness) since last week. A doctor advised to take complete bed rest for another week. Therefore, I will not able to attend the exam due to this. So kindly understand the situation and grant me a leave for this.

Yours obediently,

Sarjak Patel,

Class 8th, Roll no: -15

Date – 08/02/2019.

Sample sick Leave Application letter for parents for school

To the principle,

Zydus School,

New Vadaj, Ahmedabad.

Subject – Leave regarding illness for a week

Respected sir,

I want to state that my child ( name- Uday shah ) Is not well from the past few days. As per doctor suggestion, He needs to take rest for a week. He is the student of 8th standard B class ( Roll no – 21 ). On behalf of him, I ensure that he will join to the school regularly after a week. Understand the situation and kindly grant him leave for a week from 8 April onwards.


Sample sick leave application for school teacher

This is the sample leave application email or letter to the principle by teacher.

The principle,

Salient English school,

Subject – Need Leave for two days

Respected sir,

Respectfully stating that I am Ruchit soni (teacher of class 8) wants a leave for two days. Since the past day, I feel a sudden high fever. As per doctor guidance, I need some rest for this. So kindly understand the situation and request you to grant me a leave for Two days.

After two days, I will try to cover all my rest task in time. Thank you.


Ruchit soni


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Sample Sick Leave application for office, Job, Employee

A sick leave letter is generally written to inform the higher officials present in your office or in schools or in any organizations about your sickness and your inability to work with such health conditions.

In the following letter, you can see that a person is infected with a flu virus and he is not able to attend his office for a week. He also apologizes for the inconvenience caused by him and assures that he will complete his assigned task before time.


Dear Ms. Sara,

With this letter, I want to inform you that I am not able to attend office since I am infected with the flu. I must have a weeks bed rest to get better and I will be on leave for a week from 3 September to 9 September. I am really sorry for the hassles caused by my sickness and I wish to come back soon.

In spite of my illness, I can assure that I can complete the work of colognes agency report within the specified time. Once it is done I will send it for your approval. Once after I get back to work, I will put in more efforts to compensate for the delay caused by this leave.


Mariana Joushua,

Deputy Director.


Application of sick leave in collage

There two types of leave application writing. If you are suffering from illness currently then you can write like format 1 and if You are already absent in past and now you write an application of leave then you have to follow format 2.

Format 1


The principle/HOD,

Indus University,

SUBJECT – Required Leave due to illness

Respected sir,

With due respect, I would like to inform you that I could not attend class from the 10th to 15th Feb due to the illness. As per doctor guidance, I need to take 5-day rest for this. After the 15th February, I will try to be regular.

Kindly accept my request and grant me a leave of absence for those days. Thank you.

Your obediently,

Name – Vatsal Jha

Branch – Electrical engineering

Semester – 6th

Enrollment no – IU2465131

Date – 10/2/2019


Format 2


The HOD,

SAL University,

SUBJECT – Application for Leave of absence

Respected Sir,

It is humbly stated that I was absent for a week between 10th Feb – 15th Feb on the account of sickness. I was not present in a lecture due to the high fever/headache/stomach pain.

I attach a medical certificate with this application. Kindly find that and please do consider for attendance for those days. Thank you


Name- Utsav Patel

Branch – CSE

Semester – 5

Enrollment no – UI6611323

Date – 9 March 2019


What thing we should take care while writing sick leave?

You have to tell briefly about your medical condition in an appropriate way and try to avoid unnecessary text on the application. Tell about the duration of leave for the related manner and also give the contact details on the leave letter.

Simple and clean leave application look always good. Make sure you followed all the guidelines of leave application as per directed by your organization whether it is school or office or a job.

If you write an application to your school principal then start the application with respected sir/principle and end the letter with your obediently or kindly along with your roll no, name, class, parent signature and date.

If you are an employee and write the leave application for office then you can start with respected sir or madam. After that express your health condition and duration of leave you required. End the application with thanks sir or madam along with your contact details. You can attach your contact number in the letter also.

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Final Words

Leave letter is the approach on leave while you are not able to do your task for some period of time. While in the sick condition, you are not the much well to go for work to the office or school, you have to inform your higher authorities whether he is your boss or principle. Leave approach should be polite and it should ensure that after such good condition you will try to be regular.

Application writing is a way to express your condition in an appropriate way with your information detail. For different condition, you have to take care of application format and as per your requirement try to express your situation is such a convenient way that your higher authorities will accept your condition.

Whiling writing the leave application for school as a student you have to take care about some guidelines for leave. If it is necessary to take sign of parents on the leave letter then add the signature of your parents in the last.

Hope you find your best sick leave application. if you want some other sick leave application email or letter then tell us by doing comment in the post. Thanks for giving us time. Hope you enjoyed!!

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